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Community description:This is a general macro community, with no specific theme to the macros.

Welcome to Macros, a general macro community, with no specific theme to the macros.


Membership is currently open, please feel free to invite your friends.


1. No trolling allowed! Anyone who trolls this community will be kicked out.
2. Don't delete a post, it's not cool
3. Don't delete, freeze or screen comments, it's also not cool.
4. Don't flame other members, hatred of any description will not be tolerated.
5. Please keep your posts ON topic and productive.
6. If your picture is very big, or your post has more than three pictures, please use a cut.
7. If your entry is NSFW, please use a cut and mark it as NSFW.

Breaking the rules can incur the wrath of the ban hammer.


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